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LEGAL Immigrant Shreds Obama for His Amnesty Decree in an EPIC Twitter Rant

See much more via LEGAL Immigrant Shreds Obama for His Amnesty Decree in an EPIC Twitter Rant | Top Right News.

Obama: slapping the faces of legal immigrants.

‘Your Singular Failure Alone’: Sheriff Has Immigration Message for Obama

Interview with the Sheriff: Watch the latest video at

Source: ‘Your Singular Failure Alone’: Sheriff Has Immigration Message for Obama

Govt: China could take down U.S. power grid

China and “probably one or two other” countries have the capacity to shut down the nation’s power grid and other critical infrastructure through a cyber attack, the head of the National Security Agency told a Congressional panel Thursday.

Admiral Michael Rogers, who also serves the dual role as head of U.S. Cyber Command, said the United States has detected malware from China and elsewhere on U.S. computers systems that affect the daily lives of every American.

“It enables you to shut down very segmented, very tailored parts of our infrastructure that forestall the ability to provide that service to us as citizens,” Rogers said in testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.

Rogers said such attacks are part of the “coming trends” he sees based on “reconnaissance” currently taking place that nation-states, or other actors may use to exploit vulnerabilities in U.S. cyber systems.

A recent report by Mandiant, a cyber-security firm, found that hackers working on behalf of the Chinese government were able to penetrate American public utility systems that service everything from power generation, to the movement of water and fuel across the country.

“We see them attempting to steal information on how our systems are configured, the very schematics of most of our control systems, down to engineering level of detail so they can look at where are the vulnerabilities, how are they constructed, how could I get in and defeat them,” Rogers said. “We’re seeing multiple nation-states invest in those kinds of capabilities.”

Admiral Rogers declined to identify who the other countries, beside China, because of the classified nature of their identities. Russia is generally regarded as also having an aggressive cyber program.

In addition to nation-state actors, Admiral Rogers noted the increasing presence of “surrogate” criminal actors in cyberspace that serve to obscure the hidden hand of criminal activity done on behalf of formal nation-states.

“That’s a troubling development for us,” Rogers said.

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Michigan, the retiring chairman of the committee, called the groups “cyber hit men for hire” for nation-state actors in cyberspace.

The testimony also comes in the wake of a report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project that cited a prediction by technology experts that a catastrophic cyber-attack that causes significant losses in life and financial damage would occur by 2025.

Govt: China could take down U.S. power grid –

House to move on border security

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) said Friday that a border security bill will be one of the first actions of the new Congress.

McCaul said the legislation would be part of a “constructive” response to President Obama’s actions on immigration that would avoid a government shutdown.

“I think one of the first bills you’ll see out of the box in the new Congress will be my border security bill,” McCaul said on Fox News. “Because until we get the security piece done, you really can’t talk intelligently about immigration reform as long as waves of illegals are coming in the country.”Republicans have been debating different responses to President Obama’s announcement Thursday that he will act to shield five million immigrants in the country illegally from deportation.

“We want to be constructive,” McCaul said. “We want to keep the government open but we want to shut down this president.”

He said he would work with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), and the new Republican Senate, to send a series of bills to Obama’s desk. A border security measure was the only bill he mentioned specifically

“Let’s secure the border, enforce our immigration laws in the interior of the United States, and build a broad consensus for immigration reform,” McCaul and Goodlatte wrote to Obama earlier this week, urging him not to act alone.

House to move on border security | TheHill.

They better. We keep doing this amnesty thing, but without border security it is going to be a continuous loop. Like continuously raising the minimum wage, this will be a huge problem again within five years. Secure the borders and stop the flow of people entering this country illegally.

White House: GOP threats are childish

You know what it is really childish? The temper tantrum the president is currently having. And that is, basically, what this was.

The White House on Friday chided Republicans for warning that President Obama’s action on immigration could disrupt work on other issues, with a top aide likening the threats to the “third-grade equivalent of taking your ball and going home.”

“There’s no reason you should not be doing those things you think are in the best interest of the country where there’s bipartisan agreement because you disagree with this,” senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer told reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast.

“The equivalent would be if the president said, ‘If you pass legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act that will poison the well and I refuse to work with you on anything else.’ That’s an illogical approach.”

Top Republican leaders repeatedly told the president to hold off on his executive action, which will provide deportation relief and work permits to as many as 5 million Americans. Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Friday that the announcement meant Obama “has chosen to deliberately sabotage any chance of enacting bipartisan reforms that he claims to seek.”

“And as I told the president yesterday, he’s damaging the presidency itself,” Boehner said.

Pfeiffer downplayed the possibility that Republicans would react dramatically to the president’s policy changes.

“Certainly, our hope is that Republicans will listen to Sen. [Mitch] McConnell [R-Ky.], who has said two things: one is that Republicans have to demonstrate to the American people that they can govern, and two, there’ll be no shutdowns or threats or things,” Pfeiffer said.

The president is also planning “a very aggressive sales job” to build support for his immigration plan, Pfeiffer said.

White House: GOP threats are childish | TheHill.

Obama forgets his phone, runs back into the White House to get it

This is news?!

Presidents—they’re just like us.

Barack Obama boarded a helicopter this morning, on his way to Las Vegas to promote his immigration policy, before realizing he had left something behind. So he dashed back across the South Lawn and into the White House, reemerging a few minutes later.

“Didn’t you guys ever forget something?” he told puzzled reporters, before holding aloft the misplaced item: “My BlackBerry.”

The moment was perfectly human. And another signal, as if we needed one, that smartphones have permeated daily life like no other electronic device.

Obama forgets his phone, runs back into the White House to get it – Quartz.

Seriously? Was it really that slow a news day (no)? Or is it just piss poor Obama worshiping media that actually got this article featured on Google news this morning? That fact that it showed up as a headline on the new feed is more disturbing than anything else. I’m hoping the article itself is a joke. Hoping with everything in me. Because if this is for real… I don’t even know. I’ve been speechless about this since I stumbled on it earlier today.