College Kids Are Asked Why Hillary Should Be President. They All Come Up With The Exact. Same. Response.

Guess what that response is? Come on, you got this!

College Kids Are Asked Why Hillary Should Be President. They All Come Up With The Exact. Same. Response..

Oregon lawmakers face recall following gun control votes

At least one state senator and two members of the house may have to fight for their seats due to a grass roots push by local voters to show them the door.

Among those targeted is Sen. Chuck Riley, D-Hillsboro, a lead sponsor of SB 941, a proposal that would expand background checks to include most private gun transfers. The freshman senator came to the chamber last fall as part of a $600,000 influx of cash from former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund that allowed him to narrowly unseat a GOP incumbent who was against expanding checks.

Oregon Democratic House Majority Leader Val Hoyle (left), Rep. Susan McLain and Sen. Chuck Riley are the subject of a recall attempt due to their championship for gun control.

In the House, Rep. Susan McLain, D-Forest Grove, and Majority Leader Val Hoyle, D-Eugene, who have voiced support for SB 941 and are now tasked with guiding it through that body, are also facing similar recall votes, The Oregonian reported.

The recall petition against Hoyle was filed by gun shop owner Jason Thiesfeld of Junction City who testified against SB 941 and alleges that the House leader is catering to big campaign donors rather than the needs of constituents.

“I’ve been in Oregon for 35 years, and (state lawmakers) keep cramming their agenda down our throats and going after our rights little by little,” Thiesfeld told the Register Guard.

To make a recall effort happen, Thiesfeld has to obtain 3,600 signatures, the equivalent of 15 percent of votes cast in Hoyle’s district during the last election, within the next 90 days.

Hoyle responded to the reports of the recall petition, which have thus far never been successful in Oregon, with defense of the bill currently before her in the House.

“Unfortunately, a fringe group has started a recall effort against me over my support of a bill that will close the background checks loophole for private gun sales,” she said in a statement. “I believe that this bill will save lives by ensuring that this gaping loophole isn’t used to put guns into the hands of criminals, domestic abusers, and people with severe mental illness.”

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Oregon Becomes First State To Implement Per-Mile Road Tax

Oregon’s Department of Transportation has teamed up with road-tolling company Sanef ITS Technologies America Inc., the Long Island, N.Y., unit of a French company, and connected car company Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc., of Waterloo, Ontario. As many as 5,000 registered vehicle owners in Oregon will be able to join the program starting July 1.

The companies will provide the results to the state Department of Transportation, which oversees that tax revenue. Participants will then receive either a rebate, or an invoice for per-mile taxes due.

hwyIn 2013, Oregon passed a bill that authorized the Department of Transportation to set up a mileage collection system for volunteer motorists to fund state transportation. Over eight months in 2012 and 2013, Oregon conducted a successful 88-participant pilot of the program, prompting the official July 1 start.

More states?

The road usage program is North America’s first execution of mileage-based charging as an alternate method of generating revenue to pay for highways, a joint statement from the state, Sanef ITS and Intelligent Mechatronic Systems said.

But this type of program could become more widespread.

More than 10 states, including Florida, are in the process of drafting legislation for similar programs or considering trial runs, Ben Miners, vice president of innovation at Intelligent Mechatronic Systems, told Automotive News.

With a growing number of electric and hybrid vehicles on the road, gas tax revenues being collected for road maintenance could fall, Sanef ITS president François Gauthey said in the statement.

“To improve and maintain America’s roadway infrastructure, the transition from a gas tax to a distance-based road usage charge solution is a critical evolution,” he said. “Creating a sustainable but fair system for collecting revenues is essential for future sustainability of critical transportation networks.”

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Voting Machine Discovery Puts Election Results In Doubt

A new report found that voting machines in Virginia used in three presidential elections were susceptible to hacking. They had passwords as penetrable as ‘abcde’ and ‘admin.’

As The Guardian reported Wednesday, the AVS WinVote machines, in service between 2002 and 2014, would receive an “F-minus,” according to a study prepared by the Virginia Information Technologies Agency.

According to the executive summary of the report entitled “Security Assessment of WInVote Voting Equipment for Department of Elections,” security protocols on the machines “would not be able to prevent a malicious third party from modifying the votes recorded by the WINVote devices.”

The primary contributor to these findings is a combination of weak security controls used by the devices: namely, the use of encryption protocols that are not secure, weak passwords, and insufficient system hardening.

Jeremy Epstein, of Menlo Park, California-based SRI International, served on a commission investigating the machines in 2008. He has been working to have them decertified since then.

Voting Machine Discovery Puts Election Results In Doubt.

Well, I still think they need to check NC’s ballot submission machines. I am convinced those are actually shredders. :)

Barack Obama – Happy

This is actually pretty well done! I like it.

Here’s your Saturday morning funny:

Nancy Pelosi Wants A Female President SO BAD That You All Should Ignore Hillary’s Voting Record

Nancy McCrazypants Pelosi has either been getting talking points from Chelsea or this is just the direction the Democrats want to go with this. Either way, Pelosi just flat-out wants a female president and forget about Hillary’s voting record in the Senate. ESPECIALLY her vote for the Iraq War –

But I don’t think a vote on a war 13 years ago, 14 years ago; the vote was ’02, right now…
Again, Hillary Clinton has been a strong — she comes to this, yes, as a woman. That happens to be that she’s a woman. She’s so qualified. She has had great national security experience as a member of the armed services committee and secretary of state.
For these and so many reasons she’ll be one of the strongest, best prepared people to enter the oval office in a long time. There are some others but she will be among the best prepared to serve as president.
A war vote is a vote that everybody makes on the basis of what think know, what they believe, who they trust. There’s large number of people who supported the war. The consequences have been terrible in terms of what it meant to our veterans and the rest of
that, but no. the answer is no. I don’t think it should disqualify her…
What’s important is what it would mean to elect a woman president of the United States. It’s a very ma[j]or consideration. A very qualified woman to be president of the United States. Not just that she is a woman. When I became even whip, the response was so overwhelming from people saying how encouraged they were that we had broken not the glass ceiling, that’s nothing. We’re talk[ing] about the marble ceiling.

Yes. Let’s not deal with Hillary’s history of lying or hiding stuff or any of her policies to this point. She’s a woman! And we still need to break that mystical glass/marble/iron/bubble ceiling keeping women down!

Nancy Pelosi Wants A Female President SO BAD That You All Should Ignore Hillary’s Voting Record – Chicks on the Right.

The Reasons Why Democrats Are the Party of Slavery and Victimization