25 Worst Hospitals in the U.S. Is Yours On the List?

One doesn’t want to find themselves at one of the worst -performing hospitals in the country until they clean up their act. Here’s the list:

  1. Wiregrass Medical Center, Geneva, Alabama
  2. Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital, Hollister, California
  3. Palo Verde Hospital, Blythe, California
  4. University of California Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, California
  5. Western Medical Center Anaheim, Anaheim, California
  6. Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, Albany, Georgia
  7. Madison Memorial Hospital, Rexburg, Idaho
  8. Jackson Park Hospital and Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois
  9. Jersey Community Hospital, Jerseyville, Illinois
  10. Loretto Hospital, Chicago, Illinois
  11. Norwegian American Hospital, Chicago, Illinois
  12. Roseland Community Hospital, Chicago, Illinois
  13. Daviess Community Hospital, Washington, Indiana
  14. Richardson Medical Center, Rayville, Louisiana
  15. Texas County Memorial Hospital, Houston, Missouri
  16. Holy Rosary Medical Center, Ontario, Oregon
  17. Clarendon Memorial Hospital, Manning, South Carolina
  18. Wallace Thomson Hospital, Union, South Carolina
  19. Christus Spohn Hospital Beeville, Beeville, Texas
  20. Gulf Coast Medical Center, Wharton, Texas
  21. Renaissance Hospital, Houston, Texas
  22. Renaissance Hospital Dallas, Dallas, Texas
  23. Renaissance Hospital Terrell, Terrell, Texas
  24. Buchanan General Hospital, Grundy, Virginia
  25. Valley General Hospital, Monroe, Washington

via 25 Worst Hospitals in the U.S. Is Yours On the List? – Health News and Views – Health.com.

Wow. Don’t get sick in California, Illinois, or Texas, apparently.

EDIT: With the amount of views this post is still getting, I feel obligated to let you know that this list is from 2014. Be aware that any and all hospitals on this list may have improved since the article was written. 

5 responses to “25 Worst Hospitals in the U.S. Is Yours On the List?

  1. Believe me! We have other hospitals in Texas that are GREAT.
    U.T. Southwestern Medical; U.T. SW Medical came up with the cure for The Military who
    had been exposed to (what was it? Agent Orange)….That was a along time ago…someone on here will remember when our men came home realllly sick.
    Do you the cure was?
    Sitting in a lounge chair for about 1-2 hours with nothing but straight Vitamin C stuck in your
    arm with an IV drip for about 1- 2 hrs….sit there and watch TV.

    Women who had Silicone (from the Breast Implants) were also in there. IT HELPED THEM TREMENDOUSLY AFTER THE IMPLANTS WERE TAKEN OUT.


    • Hey, I’m shocked nothing from NC made that list. We have some real crap holes for hospitals here. I hope if I ever need to go to a hospital, I’m not living here at the time.