Old South Church sends cranes of peace to Missouri congregation

Just what they need… paper cranes.

Nearly 200 pairs of hands were raised inside Old South Church on Sunday as the clergy and congregation blessed 1,000 delicate origami cranes bound for a Missouri church working to heal a fractured community.

“O God, when we first laid eyes on these cranes, they were prayers for peace in this city crying out for peace,” prayed the Rev. John M. Edgerton. “But you, you have transformed them. . . . We have been audacious enough to pray both for justice and for peace for the people of Boston, and that is our prayer for the people of Ferguson, Missouri.”


How about sending your prayers and keeping your cranes? I know there isn’t much folks can do outside the state. Just pray for them if you want to. Don’t bombard them with trinkets they don’t need.


One response to “Old South Church sends cranes of peace to Missouri congregation

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    Symbolism over substance. Just what christianity has devolved into. Where are the calls to return to Christ’s words and teachings? To behave, to pray, to remain in your homes and not loot, maim and kill? To work together in acceptable, God loving ways? Origami cranes? How uselessly foolish.