CNN’s Don Lemon Gets Lit Up by Conservative After Showing an Embarrassing Ignorance of Guns

When Lemon tried to claim that he easily bought an automatic weapon, Ferguson corrected him by presenting the plain definition of such a gun, which is illegal.

If gun control advocates can’t get the basics right, they shouldn’t pretend they’re more nuanced than people who actually know what they’re talking about.

via CNN’s Don Lemon Gets Lit Up by Conservative After Showing an Embarrassing Ignorance of Guns.

It isn’t “semantics,” Don. It’s called a massive difference between two weapons and the laws that pertain to their purchase, ownership, and transfer. You can buy an AR-15 – which is semi-automatic – at a gun store with a background checks performed by the NICS division of the FBI. If you own an AR-15… you do not own an automatic weapon. An automatic weapon requires much heavier background checks, a tax stamp, and permission from several law enforcement agencies, including local. If you purchased an automatic weapon in 20 minutes, odds are you bought it from T-Bone out the back of his car. But you did not buy one legally.

So, Don. I have a question. You keep insisting you bought an automatic weapon in 20 minutes. Are you admitting on live television that you illegally purchased a Class III weapon? Are you in possession of a stolen machine gun?

No, it isn’t semantics. It’s the Federal Law. And it’s the encapsulation of the complete lie you have been spreading to your viewers who don’t take the time to find out what the difference is between an auto and a semi-auto, regardless of the vast difference in everything from operation to laws. And it is a highlight of your liberal bias and agenda.

By the way, Don. Ferguson is about you and your ilk creating “facts” before they were available and heating up a situation that didn’t need to get where it got. It’s about busing in folks who destroy someone else’s town over a narrative we don’t know is true or not. And it is about the people of that town defending themselves however they need to.


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