Elizabeth Warren: ‘I love what Bernie is talking about’

There’s a combo straight from the depths of Hell.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) praised her colleague Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) this week for championing progressive issues as a Democratic presidential candidate.

“Bernie’s out talking about the issues that the American people want to hear about,” Warren, who has yet to endorse a candidate, told the Boston Herald for a story published Tuesday.

“These are people who care about these issues, and that’s who Bernie’s reaching,” she said. “I love what Bernie is talking about. I think all the presidential candidates should be out talking about the big issues.”Sanders has surged in polls recently as supporters of Warren have moved to back him.

Elizabeth Warren: ‘I love what Bernie is talking about’ | TheHill.

I’m really just amazed that this many people would want this guy as president. That would be the literal end of the USA. Forget about having any freedoms, that would be over. And the Constitution? That would be a museum piece only… maybe. It might end up as a table cloth or in a furnace since we’re all about destroying history at this point. If we can erase the Constitution and make people think it never existed…

These two are both a real good example of why progressives should actually be called regressives.


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