The Pentagon spent $170K on a study called ‘Walking with coffee: Why does it spill?’

1795R-48466We’ve spent a lot of time listening to our elected officials tell us why we need cuts to social security – that we all pay in to – and why we need to cut the pay and retirement benefits for our military men and women. Democrats like Pelosi and Feinstein keep telling us there is nowhere else to make cuts, we’re out of cuts that could possibly be made.

Then this comes along. A study – costing you $170K – on why uncovered coffee spills when you walk with it. An answer you could have given for free on a third grade education, and an answer that means nothing to anyone.

How did this study benefit human life? What useful information did we get from this? Are we going to gain anything at all from this study that we didn’t already know?


So why are we talking very recently about how we need to cut retirement pay for military and then this study comes out shortly there after? Please, stop paying for ridiculous studies like this and shafting the American citizen for it. Trust me, I am all for funding the sciences. But this isn’t real science and it isn’t useful at all. So I guess I should say I am for funding for useful science.

And this is so outrageous because we hear about so many of them. Stop. We need less spending in this country, and this is the perfect place to start cutting.


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