California Parents Sue To Block Mandatory Vaccinations

A group of California parents have launched a lawsuit against the state, saying it’s illegal for the state to force them to vaccinate their children to attend public school.

After a major outbreak of measles at Disneyland in 2014, California lawmakers responded by passing one of the country’s strictest vaccination laws.Previously, parents with religious or philosophical objections could exempt their children from some or all of California’s ten required school vaccinations. Now, under the new law which took effect July 1, only those with a valid medical reason, such as an immune system deficiency, are allowed to go unvaccinated. The law applies to private schools as well, meaning only homeschooled children can evade the mandate.

That has vaccine opponents freaking out. Some parents oppose vaccines for religious reasons, or because they view vaccines as unnatural or immoral. Others believe vaccines are linked to autism (though this theory is not taken seriously in mainstream medicine). The percent of students requesting exemptions more than quadrupled from 2002 to 2013. Last year, about 80,000 California students received a vaccine exemption for personal belief reasons.

Now, some of those students’ parents are suing California, claiming their constitutional rights are being violated.

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This might sound unpopular, but I don’t agree with making them mandatory. Here’s why.

I think people who choose to not vaccinate their child based off of what a celebrity tells them instead of what science tells them are taking a huge risk with their child’s lives, and also risking the lives of children around them too young to be vaccinated. But I don’t like the idea of making it mandatory. Should these children be separated from the general public? Yes, I am thinking home schooling is in order, and no admittance to camps, sports, etc. There is a price to be paid for the choice… but it should remain a choice.

See, once you say vaccines should be mandatory, you’re going to start seeing new vaccines added to the list. Should the flu shot be mandatory? The shingles vaccine? While it is wise to get these, people have their reasons for not getting them (I know many people who get sick from the flu shot every year. I also know a few people who think the government is slipping them a chip, too. But hey, we all have our reasons!). I turned down the swine flu vaccine when swine flu was the big news of the day, I will admit that. In my defense, I had just finished Tom Clancy’s “Rainbow Six.”

I am at a point in my life where I am tired of the government telling us “you have to.” Why? This is supposed to be a free country. Decisions have consequences. We all should know that by now. And it isn’t the government’s job to protect us from those consequences. As an adult, you should be weighing the pros and cons and moving forward from there on your own. And the government shouldn’t be in the way. Far too often, the government is in the way. I support maximum freedom. And while I think the anti-vaxx crowd is mental, I think they also have the right to refuse. There should be consequences like I listed above. But it should be their decision.




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