Congressional Black Caucus: Dallas Proves that ‘an AR-15 Does Not Discriminate,’ Calls for More Gun Control

During the press conference–which aired on C-SPAN 3–Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX-18) spoke on behalf of the CBC, “We ask that the nation sees us as leaders of peace.” She went on to say that the shooting of Dallas Police officers is a wake-up call that “an AR-15 does not discriminate.”

She called on House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) to get recognize the need for gun control, saying, “We’re calling on the passage of no-fly-no-buy.”

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA-5) also spoke at the press conference. He said, “We respect law enforcement.” He went to say, “We have too many guns, there’s been too much violence, we must act.”

Source: Congressional Black Caucus: Dallas Proves that ‘an AR-15 Does Not Discriminate,’ Calls for More Gun Control – Breitbart

Democrats don’t discriminate either. There was no AR-15 involved in this shooting. He used an SKS:

Certain states have specific classifications as to what can be designated an assault rifle: grips, magazine type, and other cosmetic features, to name just a few. The SKS does not meet any of those qualifications; even updating the weapon with modern-day parts would reduce reliability.

Source: What the Media Won’t Say About the Gun Used in Dallas Shooting – Western Journalism

When you point this out, of course, they say it is just semantics for similar guns. They aren’t even slightly similar. From the news I’ve seen, the rifle was pretty much stock (please correct me if I missed something and am wrong [correction below]). Which means it is a 70 year old Russian (Soviet) rifle with a heavy wooden stock… and a fixed magazine that holds ten rounds and top loads. I haven’t heard anyone in the news say anything about the rifle being modified in any way to be anything else. Either way, don’t fret, Democrats… they quit making the SKS some time ago. The gun doesn’t have any of the scary things, either, like a pistol grip or telescoping stock… or a shoulder thing that goes up.

Secondly, and aside from the gun…

I have heard no mention from our political class about mending the relationship between cops and the citizens; no talk of mending race relations, or even that race was an issue, which it was; calming the fires in the streets; getting communities involved in eradicating the criminal element in their own neighborhoods (if you can get that many people together for demonstrations, you can get them together to clean up the streets); or how history is repeating itself. Again.

Nope. Just evil guns. Again.

Getting rid of the guns isn’t going to fix any of that. But then again, fixing all that stuff looks too much like work.

Maybe a conspiracy theory, but…


Correctional edit: the rifle used was, in fact, modified (with cheap, horribly unreliable parts, too). I actually saw a picture of it just a few moments ago (7/10/16). However, 1. it still doesn’t make it an AR-15 2. mouths were running before anyone got to see the rifle (and let’s face it, none of these politicians or media types know if it was or was not modified, and they don’t care either; they don’t even know what it is. It could have been a revolver and they would have called an automatic assault weapon because it pushes agendas and sells ad space).

Still have not heard any politicians mention anything in the second paragraph above. Religious leaders, yes. Politicians and the media, of course not.






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