Americans Say Politicians Listen To Donors More Than Constituents

Um. Duh?

New polling indicates that the majority of Americans believe that U.S. lawmakers are largely influenced by their campaign donors and barely influenced by their own constituents.

On July 6, Gallup released results of a survey it had conducted asking how much influence different forces had on members of Congress. The poll found that the majority of respondents believe that the people that lawmakers are supposed to represent are the least likely to be heard.

sponsorsuit.64 percent of respondents answered that major donors had a lot of influence over Congress while 21 percent believe they influenced legislation a fair amount. Only three percent of respondents believe that major donors held no sway over legislators.

Coming in second were lobbyists, who 55 percent of respondents believe hold a lot of power over what legislation is passed in Congress. 24 percent believe lobbyists hold a fair amount of influence while only four percent believe they have no power.

Source: Americans Say Politicians Listen To Donors More Than Constituents



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