Gun Control Refuted by what Didn’t Happen In Dallas

What didn’t happen in Dallas last week when a sniper opened fire on police during a protest march is more proof that the gun prohibition lobby’s rhetoric is simply nonsense, as evident by a report Sunday from the Associated Press.

According to that story, the parade through downtown Dallas included several visibly armed “gun rights activists.” Yet when the shooting started, none of these people irresponsibly opened fire and police officers did not shoot any of the activists by mistake. Contrary to how anti-gunners have portrayed open carry advocates and their alleged “Wild West” mentality, the armed marchers headed for cover like everyone else.

There was no wild shooting melee with good guys shooting at other good guys. This says plenty about restraint shown by police under deadly fire, as well as those armed citizens who did not panic and shoot at anything that moved.

Compare that situation, which included scores of heavily-armed cops and armed citizens, to the weekend bloodbath in Chicago. Monday’s Chicago Tribune updated the Windy City body count and it’s not good.

Over the weekend, 43 people were shot and four of them were killed, the newspaper said. There were 19 shootings between Friday night and Saturday morning. The carnage brings to at least 344 the number of people killed so far this year in Chicago, and that’s 102 more people than had been killed by this time last year.

Source: Gun Control Refuted by what Didn’t Happen In Dallas



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