A step toward peace? Raleigh gangs declare truce

“They said when they think of police officers, police officers kill black people,” Powell said. “And not only do they look at police officers as killing black people, they look at gang members as killing each other … so, now it’s time to turn the channel.”

And so, Monday night was a first step.

“This is what I want to say to you all, don’t let this be just a moment, let it be a movement,” Powell told the gang members.

Source: A step toward peace? Raleigh gangs declare truce | abc11.com

Pardon my skepticism, but horse manure. I’ve seen gangs call truces before, even up in Newark and Jersey City, NJ. And everyone got excited because it was little gangs and huge gangs alike. We saw images of Latin Kings having a beer with Bloods and Crypts. Then suddenly, and without warning, the truce was over. It usually lasted a week or two. Then someone felt slighted by someone else and it was all over.

It would be nice if it actually happened. We’d see a huge drop in gun violence, a huge drop in homicides, and a huge drop in deaths in the black community (and every other community, too!). It would be nice if we could all stop killing each other over stupid crap.

I saw a news report yesterday about the start of a trial for some guy who walked up and killed an ice cream truck driver in front of the kids in line to order ice cream, all because the driver owed the guy $20. That doesn’t make any sense at all to me. And until it doesn’t make sense to a whole lot of other people, too, we’re never going to have actual peace. Gangs are similar to this guy. Think about it. They kill each other for wearing the wrong color or walking down the wrong block. Really? How does that make sense to you? How do you snuff a life over a shirt color?

And we all have it in us. I was just talking to someone on our Facebook page about the way people get treated on Twitter. For an opinion!

Reader: Yeah I just DON’T anymore.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot I only do via this and the blog. I won’t even mess with YouTube. LOL!

Reader: Twitter is actually entertaining…don’t seem to get “beat up” over there.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Yeah, I use Twitter to post links. I don’t actually say much there, though. I’ll tell you, I have gotten involved in some epic flame wars on Twitter. I was involved in one that lasted five entire days. I finally just blocked every single person involved (on my side or not), because I was somehow part of it even after I stopped contributing, and it birthed offshoots of people bombarding me with questions about being libertarian and why I should actually be *insert party here* because it makes more sense. It was insane. No minds were changed, either. Imagine that.

Reader: Well I obviously don’t spend enough time there then LOL but don’t you know that being a Libertarian is a waste. {insert sarcasm notification here}
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Oh, for real. But those fights are always fun because the liberals think I should join them and the conservatives think I should join them. I usually stop the whole thing with something like “AM I BEING DETAINED?!” LOL!
We can’t even not tear each other up on Twitter for having a different opinion! And you expect me to believe the gangs are going to call a permanent truce?!
Horse manure.
I genuinely hope we can get there one day. I pray for it, as do so many others. But we need more than words and promises. We need action. And it needs to start with each of us. Do your part. If you are reading this, do your part.




One response to “A step toward peace? Raleigh gangs declare truce

  1. Ohhhh You should have seen the declaration made in the Memphis, Tn after the goons closed down I-40. NO VIOLENCE FOR 30 DAYS!!! I laughed my ass off The negros in that town can’t go 3 days without killing one of their own. I’ll let you know how it goes!