Another Veteran Lost To PTSD and the VA’s Indifference To It

American Exceptionalism

Brandon Ketchum, a Marine and Army combat Veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, committed suicide Friday after the VA turned down his request for mental health treatment. This is a letter he wrote about his experience and struggles to a healing program for veterans that he was trying to get into.

”My name is Brandon Ketchum and am a 33 y/o veteran. I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and joined the military when I was 21 y/o. I served in the Marine Corps from 2004-2008 as a combat engineer, serving two tours in Iraq, locating and clearing road side bombs. I survived 5 “hard hits” or explosions on the vehicles we used to mitigate explosive obstacles. Unfortunately, not all of my brothers were as lucky as I was.

In July 2008 I joined the army as a combat engineer while I attempted to go to college…

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