Should Ted Cruz Endorse Trump?

Source: POLL: Should Ted Cruz Endorse Trump? | Glenn Beck

My response isn’t an option in this poll, so let’s discuss.

Should Cruz endorse Trump? If he wants to. I’m sorry, but the man isn’t obligated to endorse anyone. And he shouldn’t endorse someone just because he’s under public pressure to do so. It doesn’t really mean anything at that point then, does it?

I’m seeing this a lot lately. We seem to think we need to force people to endorse this person or that, or to apologize for whatever, or to make statements on things. Why? If they do any of this under pressure, what actual meaning does it hold?

My thoughts on this started to get real deep right around the time Ruth Bader Ginsburg made her comments about Trump. I get that people don’t think the Supreme Court Justices should be making comments about political candidates, but she did. And this is America… she had a right to. Well, she apologized for what she said. Why? It doesn’t make a difference. She said it and it was heard, and no one believes she is actually sorry for what she believes about Trump. So what did her apology accomplish?

Same with Cruz and Trump. If he endorses Trump because he was under pressure to do so, does that endorsement actually mean anything?

I liken it to forcing a friend to get you a birthday gift. You go out with them, show them what to buy, make them wrap the gift, and then force them to give it to you on your birthday. Does that gift mean as much as the gift they picked themselves and decided to give to you without any prompting? You like it. You have something to show everyone and say this friend gave to you. But you know, deep down, that the gift isn’t really a gift.

So yes, Cruz should endorse Trump… if he wants to. If he doesn’t want to… then he shouldn’t.


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