Bill Maher Slimes Trump Sons as Nazis, Mocks ‘Uncle Tom’ Black Republicans

“New rule: Marginalized black Republicans and marginalized gay Republicans have to come together and form a new group called The Uncle Tom’s Log Cabin Republicans.”


Source: Bill Maher Slimes Trump Sons as Nazis, Mocks ‘Uncle Tom’ Black Republicans

This quote highlights something I’ve been saying for a long time. Liberals whine and cry about the fact that the Republican/Conservative side isn’t black enough. Yet when a black man or woman stands up and speaks about Conservative values, they shout them down with racial slurs, most of which I am willing to bet they don’t even know the meaning or origins of, but they heard folks like the above douche canoe use it. They take these folks and publicly rip them apart. And, my favorite, they taunt them for not being able to think for themselves because they aren’t thinking the way the liberals tell them to.

So what we are left with are folks who actually can think for themselves, but are thinking something different than they have been directed to, and they are afraid to come out and say as much, because they know what is coming. And they just want to believe what they believe and live their lives. God forbid. The “party of tolerance” can’t have people getting out of the boxes they constructed for them and doing something other than what they are told. And somehow this isn’t being construed as being “held down.”

And Bill Maher… his only reason for living is to be shocking. He has nothing to offer the world but shock value. He’s a shock jock, plain and simple, and Howard Stern does it so much better, dear.




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