Court strikes down Texas voter ID law as discriminatory


The U.S. 5th Circuit Court in New Orleans found Wednesday that the law violates provisions of the Voting Rights Act. It ordered a lower court to determine ways Texas can fix the law prior to the presidential election this fall.

The law has been challenged in court almost from the moment it was approved by the Republican-controlled Legislature in 2011 — and has now had a series of major rulings go against it…

During this year’s presidential election, voters will still be required to show picture identification to cast ballots. But Wednesday’s ruling means those who can’t must still be allowed to vote — and that a lower court will have to help Texas devise ways to accommodate them.

It’s not clear when those suggested fixes will be ready or how they will be implemented once they are.

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One response to “Court strikes down Texas voter ID law as discriminatory

  1. “Discriminatory”?? Obviously those “experts” on the 5th Circuit Court have not seen the illegal immigration problem in TX…it is not discriminating to ask a person to ID themselves when a large part of your States population are illegal aliens…but hey BHO is giving them free health care and food stamps so why not let them vote too.