CNN’s Sally Kohn Thinks AK-15s are a Thing. Here’s Why it isn’t Just Semantics

Her tweet reads:

What about the mothers and fathers who have lost their violence to white guys with AK-15s conducting mass shootings? Why not profile them?

Source: CNN Commentator Learns Real Quick Why You Don’t Bring Up an ‘AK-15’ to Push Gun Control

And I know the gun grabbers like to whine about this being a meaningless semantic. But it isn’t. You are fighting to ban things that you know nothing about based on feelings. It’s how the public believes another mass shooting was carried out by an AR-15 when it was actually a shotgun or they think semi-automatic rifles can obliterate 500 people in under a minute. This is where you get politicians talking about ghost guns and shoulder things that go up being a reason to remove rights. It’s how the public believes there are heat seeking bullets and they are available to the general public, so we need to ban this gun because of those bullets. It’s law makers believing a magazine ban is a good idea because once the ones that already exist are fired, they are gone, since magazines are ammo, apparently. You have law makers wasting time arguing about gun show loopholes and online sales because they don’t know the laws on the books – that isn’t a semantic, that is stupidity. There are already laws on the books about having to have permits or background checks for gun shows and online sales, but they see that as a semantic because some people get them anyway… so let’s repeat a law already on the books – on the tax payer’s dime – because maybe repeating the same law will fix it.

And because the media knows even less than the politicians, they are garnering support from their viewers or readers by giving them information that is incorrect or completely made up. In turn, you turn around and fight to have my Constitutional rights taken away based on how you feel about fairy tales you didn’t bother to research for truth.

It isn’t just semantics. It’s our rights.



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