Cool, hip Hillary Clinton touts ‘Free Wi-Fi’ plan, taxpayers to feel the pain

From her campaign website:

[S]he will finish the job of connecting America’s households to the Internet, committing that by 2020, 100 percent of households in America will have access to affordable broadband that delivers world-class speeds sufficient to meet families’ needs. Clinton will also build upon the Obama Administration’s efforts to increase not just broadband access but also broadband adoption, both by fostering greater competition in local broadband markets to bring down prices and by investing in low-income communities and in digital literacy programs. In addition, Clinton is committed to expanding the Obama Administration’s efforts to connect “anchor” institutions — like public school and public libraries — to high-speed broadband. She will invest new federal resources so that train stations, airports, mass transit systems, and other public buildings can have access to gigabit connectivity and can provide free Wi-Fi to the public.

Source: Cool, hip Hillary Clinton touts ‘Free Wi-Fi’ plan, taxpayers to feel the pain – Personal Liberty®

Why? The private sector is already taking care of that. Believe me, I’ve had three different companies dig up my front lawn to put in fiber optic cable over the last year.

And that’s how it should be – private sector. Having the government put in “free” Wifi means it is putting people out of work in those private sector jobs, hurting those private sector companies, hitting the taxpayer where they can’t afford it, and really making it an NSA Utopia. On top of that, “free” or “affordable” Wifi isn’t worth a darn thing if you don’t have a device to connect to it, so I guess that means the Obama phones will become Hillary phones, and they’ll all have to be smart phones, because we’re entitled to that now, apparently. Then people realize you have limited capabilities on a smart phone, so now you need a laptop. So are the taxpayers footing that bill, too?

Is anyone thinking this crap out?

Does anyone realize this is also not going to happen without the approval of Congress and Senate?



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