As Media Sees Gun Ownership Down, States Report CCWs Up

The Washington Post says a CBS News poll indicates gun ownership is at its lowest point in 30 years, but more guns are being made and sold, and increasing numbers of people are carrying for personal protection. (Dave Workman photo)

Using data from a mid-June CBS News opinion poll, the Washington Post reported that gun ownership in the United States is on the decline, with only 36 percent of respondents reporting that they live in households where guns are present.

However, the newspaper acknowledged that FBI background checks “are at historic highs” and that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives reported that gun manufacturers “are churning out record numbers of guns.” The story also noted that Second Amendment advocates contend that gun ownership is actually expanding, and some suggested that the reason the poll gets it wrong is that gun owners are simply not admitting to pollsters they have guns.

A look around the country shows that concealed carry applications are continuing to rise. During the first six months of this year, Washington State, for example, added more than 36,000 new concealed pistol licenses. Arizona reported more than 21,500 new permits between the end of January and the end of June, a five-month period. In Florida, concealed carry licenses have topped 1.5 million, and Texas also recently reported more than 1 million carry permits.

Some reports claim that there are now over 14 million Americans licensed to carry. In addition, about a half dozen states no longer require licenses for concealed carry by non-prohibited legal residents over the age of 21.

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Yeah, we’ve been having record setting sales for months, but gun ownership is down. Yeah.

Seriously, if someone called me or stopped me on the street and asked if I owned guns, of course I’d say no. First of all, it isn’t anyone else’s business what I own. Secondly, I don’t know this person. With all the scams and crap going on lately, how do I know you aren’t faking it and just casing my house?





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