Florida Georgia Line Threaten to Stop Show if They See Cops; Told to Pound Sand When They Need Escort Out

Jones County Sheriff Greg Graver tells TMZ he was headed backstage Saturday night at the Great Jones County Fair to discuss security protocol with the band when he was stopped by a crew member and told no uniformed officers were allowed backstage, per the band.

Sheriff Graver says he was told the country duo even threatened to pull the plug on the concert if they saw any cops.

Source: Florida Georgia Line — Backstage Cop Trouble … Police Pull Escort Detail | TMZ.com

So after all of that, they contact the cops because they need an escort out of town after the show is over. They had the brass ones to contact the same department they threatened to pull the plug on the show over. He told them to pound sand because he wasn’t wasting tax payer money to escort folks who just disrespected him and his officers. The band then scrambled to get another law enforcement agency to help, and they, too, told them to pound sand. They eventually had to leave town without an escort of any kind.

Good work, officers! You did exactly the right thing!

FGL: You aren’t anywhere near big enough to back up that attitude. You were playing a county fair, for crap’s sake. It wasn’t even a state fair! You probably followed Polly and Her Prancing Poodles. You seem like one of those groups that requires a bottle with exactly 35.7 oz of Perrier per crew member in the dressing room, and a bowl of only green M&Ms. Loosen your belts a little, boys. And stop disrespecting our law enforcement. You play country. Country fans aren’t going to have that. Just ask the Dixie Chicks. And Jane Fonda, for that matter.



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