Debunking the Clinton Lie Machine

“That conversation [Bill and I] started in the law library 45 years ago is still going strong.”
The notion that Bill and Hillary Clinton share anything remotely resembling a healthy, loving relationship is absurd. Bill Clinton’s career has been swamped by sexual scandal, from a high-profile affair while in office with intern Monica Lewinsky, to numerous rumored dalliances, to allegations of rape and sexual assault. The only thing that’s been going strong for 45 years is Bill Clinton’s sex drive.

“America is stronger because of President Obama’s leadership” and “our economy is so much stronger than when [Obama] took office.”
It’s difficult to discern by what reasoning Clinton reached her conclusion. Under President Obama, more Americans have left the workforce than ever before, race relations are the worst they’ve been in decades, and America’s global clout has diminished. The military now appears to prioritize addressing transgender rights over adequately training troops, ISIS threatens the world — largely thanks to Obama’s desire to arm “friendly” anti-Assad rebels — and a shocking rise in violence is gripping major cities across the country.

To Bernie Sanders supporters: “Your cause is our cause.”
The idea that Hillary Clinton shares the same priorities as Bernie Sanders and his supporters is laughable. Clinton’s record has been generally pro-monilithic free-trade agreements and favorable toward Wall Street, which has doled out vast sums of money to hear her speak and to her campaign. Clinton is also a foreign policy hawk, and is generally favorable toward the idea of flexing U.S. military might — something anathema to the Sanders crowd.

“And by the time they left Philadelphia, they had begun to see themselves as one nation. Our founders embraced the enduring truth that we are stronger together.”
Clinton clearly requires a history lesson. While the Federalists certainly believed this, the Anti-Federalists most certainly did not. Founders like Thomas Jefferson and John Randolph were not ideologically inclined to be favorable towards a strong, centralized state. Indeed, many founders viewed the “nation” as a group of individual sovereign states. This irrevocable ideological divide, which was a central undercurrent of early American politics, would not be fully resolved until the Civil War.

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