Martin O’Malley Calls Trump ‘Racist,’ Can’t Explain Why

Breitbart News: Governor O’Malley, can I ask you to clarify something? So, um, your speech was very well received —

O’Malley: Thank you.

Breitbart News: You said that Donald Trump is a “bully” and a “racist.” Can you elaborate on that? What has he said about black people that people should be worried about?

O’Malley: What’s he said about?

Breitbart News: Black people. You said he was a “racist”?

O’Malley: Yeah, I said he was a racist about Mexican-Americans, I said he was a religious bigot, and, uh —

Handler: There’s a place for those requests. We’re gonna go.

Full article and video: VIDEO: Martin O’Malley Calls Trump ‘Racist,’ Can’t Explain Why

They all say it. And none of them can come up with any answer. Some may regurgitate what the media has told them, but they can’t sway off of the talking points or elaborate on them.



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