Masking Gun Control With Positive Messaging

Basically, the very definition of propaganda.

As Politico has reported, the anti-gun “super PAC” Americans for Responsible Solutions (ARS) has released yet another new rebranding strategy for gun control. And at the Democratic National Convention this week, they’re giving it the hard sell, urging Democrats across the country to parrot and propagate their new, focus group-tested buzzwords and sound bites.

The anti-gun lobby has been doing this for years. But what’s new about this latest effort is just how dishonest and falsehearted it is. It’s false advertising at its most cynical and dangerous.

In a manifesto they sent to Democrat members of Congress titled “Making Our Communities Safer: A Guide to Understanding and Engaging Americans on the Need for Stronger Gun Laws,” ARS advises politicians to “talk about reducing crime, reducing gun violence, gun violence prevention or preventing gun tragedies.”

In other words, ARS urges lawmakers to talk about the supposed ends—but to conceal the prohibitionist means they plan to reach those illusory ends.

To wit, ARS tells readers not to use the phrase “gun control,” or to attack the Second Amendment or the NRA by name, but instead to “attack the gun lobby” and to “talk about closing loopholes like criminal background checks, strong, responsible or common-sense gun laws.”

“Strong.” “Responsible.” “Common sense.” Who could possibly oppose those ideas except people who eat kittens? 

Full article: America’s 1st Freedom | Masking Gun Control With Positive Messaging



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