Since when does the American left believe America is great?

Claiming the “America is great” mantle as a way to differentiate from Donald Trump’s “America is in decline” message might have been a shrewd political strategy were it not being promulgated by an invariably non-credible messenger: the American left.

The left has never held the United States and its core institutions in high regard.  Just the opposite: the left has consistently promoted a decidedly negative view of America.

This is a movement and a political party that venerates left-wing extremists like Ta-Nehisi Coates, who believes America is inherently and irreversibly racist.

This is a movement and a political party that has wholeheartedly embraced the radical black Lives Matter movement, an explicitly anti-American organization whose leaders never proclaim the virtues of America, but only amplify its alleged sins.

How can a movement that perpetuates the “white privilege” lie claim that America is great?  Can a nation where bigotry and discrimination are ubiquitous really be great?

Can a nation where corporations and the “1%” allegedly control our politics and our economy be great?

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This is something I have been saying for a long time. But my take on it is this:

Every time the left wants to take away another right or change something, they think “progress” is making us like every other country. They use “every other industrialized nation” as an excuse to make us less free.

That wasn’t what we were founded on. We were founded on the principal of being different. After all, why would all of those people have made the horrific boat trip to our shores, struggled to survive for so long, and fought a war if they wanted the USA to be just like where they just left? What would the point of all of that been?

But the left hates the idea that the USA is different, that we stand out in some way.

You have options. Go to one of those countries you think is doing it better. Those of us who like the USA as it was founded… we don’t have that option. This is it. Loving America is not making it every other country. It just isn’t.


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