West Coast lefties want a ‘wall’ to keep out gun owners

Anti-2nd Amendment crusaders in Washington State and Oregon are looking to pass California-style gun control legislation with the goal of forming a “West Coast Wall” of draconian anti-firearm regulations along the Pacific coast.

The effort is being spearheaded by the anti-2nd Amendment groups Washington CeaseFire and Ceasefire Oregon, both of which have lobbied heavily for stronger state and federal firearm laws for decades.

Source: West Coast lefties want a ‘wall’ to keep out gun owners – Personal Liberty®

I will support this 100% as long as they make it a physical wall and they aren’t allowed to cross it into the rest of the country. Maybe make it a huge fence, so we can bring our kids to see them, kind of like a zoo, and teach them that this is what happens when you want so badly to not be free that you fight violently to lose your freedom. But it has to be a very sturdy fence, because those lefties are extremely violent. Wouldn’t want them getting out and hurting anyone.

Consider it a safe space.



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