Twice as Many Women Getting Concealed Permits During Obama’s Second Term

According to CPRC, “The number of women with permits has increased twice as quickly as the number of men with permits.” The study also shows that there is evidence which “suggests that permit-holding is increasing about 75 percent more quickly among minorities than among whites.” This information poses a direct challenge to the left’s relentless claims that the customers driving gun sales to record levels are the same old white men who already owned guns and have simply decided to buy more.

Source: Twice as Many Women Getting Concealed Permits During Obama’s Second Term – Breitbart

I have to admit… I’ve noticed. People I never expected to have one are telling me they either have a CCL or are getting ready to get one. Last week, a neighbor of mine asked if I would take her and a friend of hers to the range when their kids go back to school to teach them to shoot because they are taking a class for the CCL together and want to be prepared going in. Her reasoning to me was that she knew I wouldn’t scare them at the range (I have nothing to prove and I don’t think handing a new shooter a .45 is funny. They’ll get a 22 LR after our safety lesson. When they learn to handle that, we’ll discuss other calibers. But it may be a while).

My chiropractor told me she and her husband got licenses, but haven’t gone shooting and haven’t bought guns yet. She asked me to go to the range and help her because her instructor provided guns for those who don’t own them… and he handed her a .45. Of course. Scared the daylights out of her. She wants to do this, but that gun scared her half to death because she’d never shot before. She’s going to meet my 22 LR as well. Same scenario as above, when she’s comfortable we’ll talk about other calibers. And she’s going to shoot my .45 at some point because I want to break her of the fear of it that this hack instructor instilled in her.

I have had several women ask me for help aside from these women. My little Beretta 22 LR is going to be super busy in coming months. LOL! I am also registered as willing to help our homosexual/transgender friends learn to shoot on the Blazing Sword website.

Funny, also, how the people who have asked me for help have specified they want to learn before November and hopefully begin the process before November.



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