Surprise! People who commit gun crimes don’t follow the law

Democrats can carry on about the need for new, common sense gun control laws all they want. But even if they could realize their dreams of a utopian anti-2nd Amendment paradise by electing Hillary Clinton, gun crimes would continue.

A peer-reviewed study titled “Gaps continue in firearm surveillance: Evidence from a large U.S. City Bureau of Police,” has just made the shocking revelation that a majority of the firearms used to commit crimes are obtained criminally.

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public Health analyzed 762 cases in which a total of 893 guns were recovered from suspects by the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police’s Firearm Tracking Unit in 2008.

They found that 33 percent of the firearms recovered from suspects were stolen.

Of the stolen firearms, 55 percent were reportedly swiped from homes and 18 percent from vehicles. Just 9 percent of the stolen guns used in crimes were believed to be locked or properly secured when taken.

Another 44 percent of the gun cases examined showed that the end-using criminal may not have stolen the gun, but obtained it illegally via a straw buyer or other means.

Full article: Surprise! People who commit gun crimes don’t follow the law – Personal Liberty®



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