Restaurant Owner Refuses Service to Anyone Who Owns an AR-15

Anne Verrill, owner of Grace restaurant in Maine, is refusing service to anyone who owns an AR-15 or even supports the idea of owning one.

According to The New York Times (NYT), Verrill used a Facebook post to alert customers and would-be customers that “anyone who owned a high-powered semiautomatic rifle similar to the one used in Orlando was not welcome in either of her two restaurants. That was not all: She would not welcome anyone who merely supported the idea of owning such a weapon.”

The backlash against her restaurant, and subsequent calls for boycotts, were instantaneous, and she pulled the post. But the NYT captured a screenshot of a portion of it prior to its deletion. In it, Verrill said, “Let me be clear, this is not a political issue. This is a human rights issue. If you own this gun, or if you condone the ownership of this gun for private use, you may no longer enter.”

Source: Restaurant Owner Refuses Service to Anyone Who Owns an AR-15

It’s her business, so it is her right, even though that doesn’t seem to always be the case, especially if it is a liberal agenda issue.

It is also your money, and it is your right to spend your money when, how, and where you please. I am sure she will both lose and gain customers over this.

My question is this: how in the world is she going to know if you own an AR-15 and/or support their ownership? Is she going to spy on everyone in Maine’s Facebook or something?! Seriously.

What I’m trying to say is… she just got free advertising.



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  1. Deacon you hit it on the head my friend about free advertising..Lib-Tards can be crafty that way….If I were you I would not even re-post stories like this for that reason, but it’s your blog and I will always be a fan!

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    • I really toyed with the idea of not posting it. I actually sat on the article all day, but I kept getting emails about the story, so I decided to go ahead and post it and tell them what it is.