Why Did Microsoft Just Change Its Toy Gun Emoji To A Real Pistol?

When asked for the reason behind this change, a Microsoft spokesperson told us, ‘Our intent with every glyph is to align with the global Unicode standard, and the previous design did not map to industry designs or our customers’ expectations of the emoji definition. We will continue to work with the Unicode Consortium to refine and update glyphs that reflects customer needs, feedback and supports a consistent system that works across the digital world.’”

While Apple and Microsoft have gone back to edit their symbols, Google continues to use a pistol in Android keyboards and doesn’t appear to have plans to change this. None of the companies in question have adjusted their knife, sword, bomb, poison and coffin emojis, so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

Source: Why Did Microsoft Just Changed Its Toy Gun Emoji To A Real Pistol?

I can’t believe we’re sparring over emojis, but alright. I guess this is a big deal if you don’t know how to use your words or read.

Is Microsoft pro-gun? Hell no! Is Google? Even bigger hell no! Come on, people! This is well known stuff! None of these tech companies are pro-gun! But you’re talking about it, aren’t you?!




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