CNN President Ludicrously Claims Network is ‘Truly Fair And Balanced’

CNN President Jeffrey Zucker tried to dispel his network’s liberal reputation in a Tuesday interview with Variety‘s Ramin Setoodeh. Zucker underlined that “if everybody is a little upset at the end of the day, we’re probably doing our job.” Setoodeh spotlighted that “part of that job, per Zucker’s mandate, also has been to make CNN feel fair to viewers in red states.” He added that “Zucker…tries to keep the coverage impartial. ‘I think our air, as opposed to others’, is truly fair and balanced,’ Zucker says.”

The writer’s piece carried a triumphant headline about the network executive that referenced Donald Trump’s campaign slogan: “How Jeff Zucker Made CNN Great Again.” Setoodeh first zeroed in on Zucker’s presence at the Democratic National Convention. He touted that “since becoming president of CNN Worldwide in 2013, the intense, bespectacled 51-year-old executive has largely flown under the radar…as CNN chief, he keeps his personal thoughts about world events private–he doesn’t even tweet. ‘Probably to protect myself,’ Zucker says. ‘If I was on Twitter, I’d probably get in trouble pretty quickly.'”

Zucker certainly is no stranger to “trouble” during his time as CNN’s president. Back in February 2015, he had to defend one of his vice presidents, Virgina Moseley, for hosting the President and Mrs. Obama at her residence in Washington, D.C.: “Zucker said no [it’s not a conflict of interest ] because he goes to cocktail parties all the time with different parents of his children’s friends…The dinner was for parents and kids from Sidwell Friends School [in D.C.], where President Obama sends his kids to school,’ adding that it wasn’t a private dinner for the Obamas.”

Source: CNN President Ludicrously Claims Network is ‘Truly Fair And Balanced’




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