Hillary… Why Does This Matter?


Source: Hillary Clinton Just Ruined The Olympics In One Tweet

Um… why does that matter? Of everything you could point out about her, this is what we’re going with? Is this how you think you win favor with the Hispanic population? If it is, it shouldn’t be.

Laurie did a tremendous job at the Olympics, as did the other gymnasts. I didn’t get to see them other than the preliminaries, but Laurie has got a lot of personality and it shows clearly through in her performance. And she was just a lot of fun to watch. She’s got more talent in the pinkie toe of her left foot than Hillary has in her entire body.

Through all of that, I didn’t really think about her being Latina. I was just thinking she was a hell of a gymnast. Maybe Hillary could have said something about what she had to do for training to achieve what she has. Or her amazing mother who raised her daughter to be a strong woman who gets what she wants by working for it. But no. Hillary had to mention she was a Latina and nothing else. There isn’t any history making… she isn’t the first Latina to do this. She isn’t the first US born Latina to do it, either. Being Latina doesn’t put her at an advantage or a disadvantage in her sport or in the competition. Actually, sports and competition wise, it doesn’t really matter what her ancestral background is.

What does matter is that this young lady has a talent most people could not reproduce. She represented her country well in the Olympics, and we all should be extremely proud to have her representing us at the Olympics. I am simply blown away with what she can do in gymnastics, and I watched her perform simply mesmerized. I have a great deal of respect for what she put herself through to get there, because what this men and women do is not easy. They literally have to dedicate their entire lives to this sport to get this point, and that takes dedication most can’t muster. The pain, the injuries, the long hours, the exhaustion… all for this.

And all for Hillary to recognize nothing other than her label of Latina. Way to belittle someone, Hillary. Good job. All that work and dedication for the honor of having you put her in a racial box instead of acknowledging her accomplishments.

Vote for Hillary for four to eight more years of having everything politicized!


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