Libertarian VP Pick Weld: Rifles are “Weapons of Mass Destruction”

Source: Libertarian VP Pick Weld: Rifles are “Weapons of Mass Destruction” – The Truth About Guns

I’m a registered libertarian. I have debated with myself for years with changing my affiliation to independent. And it is based completely on the reasoning that the libertarian party can’t even agree with itself.

You’ve got people running for office and heading up the party who are very big government, even though libertarians are supposed to be for very small government. There isn’t a single thing in their platform – with maybe the legalization of weed being an exception – that they agree with each other on. It’s gone from being a party with a strong stance for freedom, to a party that all the misfits join because their big party counterparts don’t agree with them on 100% of their ideas, or because it’s cool to be different.

Bundle that with their propensity for picking the most insane people in our population to run for public office and not offering much attention to those few really sane ones to get them noticed, choosing instead to push forward the craziest people they can find, and you have the perfect recipe for destruction. This would have been a great year to get the libertarians out there. And they are, indeed, getting numbers they never did before.

But while their initial platform is a good one, they can’t get their people to agree with or follow it, and then raise up guys who dance almost naked on stage at their convention or pizza delivery guys who graduated from MIT and did nothing with that education. Guys, I went to several of the local libertarian meetings in my area, and I left frightened every single time. They didn’t represent me, and they were very much fringe outsiders… who spent the entire meeting arguing with each other over policy no one could agree on.

And this guy – the VP pick – is absolutely no different.

I think my mind has been made up. Looks like I will be going independent.


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