Raising Kaine: The Danger The Democratic VP Nominee Poses

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But if you don’t know much more about Kaine than that, here’s a quick primer on the man who Clinton wants to make her second-in-command.

In 2000, when the Clinton White House, together with Donna Dees-Thomases and the gun-ban lobby, cooked up the so-called “Million Mom March”—an anti-gun demonstration in Washington, D.C., that was intended to serve as a pep rally for Al Gore and the Democrats’ anti-gun presidential platform—Richmond Mayor Tim Kaine spent $6,000 of taxpayers’ money to send busloads of protesters from Richmond to attend the event.

When public-interest groups cried foul at Kaine’s blatantly political abuse of tax dollars, Kaine was forced to pay the money back.

The following year, the anti-gun Brady Campaign—which was formerly known as Handgun Control Inc., and which has since merged with the Million Mom March—endorsed Kaine in his run for lieutenant governor of Virginia, trumpeting him as the “clear choice” for voters.

It’s no mystery why. Throughout his career, Kaine has pushed anti-gun policies, even while trying to portray himself as a shooter and advocate of the Second Amendment.

As Richmond mayor, Kaine advocated suing firearm manufacturers for the actions of criminals, just as Clinton seeks to do today.

As governor of Virginia, Kaine vetoed vital self-defense reforms that would have strengthened Virginians’ ability to protect themselves and their families from criminal attack.

And as recently as last year, Kaine introduced legislation—which he marketed as the “Responsible Transfer of Firearms Act”—that would hold the sellers of firearms criminally liable if criminals purchase them, even if the FBI’s NICS criminal-background check erroneously directs dealers to “proceed” with the sale of the firearm to the criminal.

Under Kaine’s bill, a person would be held strictly liable for transferring a firearm to a criminal unless he or she could prove having “taken reasonable steps to determine that the recipient [was] not legally barred from possessing firearms or ammunition.” But those so-called “reasonable steps” are not defined by the proposed law.

Current law already makes it a federal felony for anyone to transfer a firearm to a person “knowing or having reasonable cause to believe” that the recipient is a “prohibited person” barred from owning a gun. And current law already requires all federally licensed firearm dealers in America to perform a criminal-background check on all firearm purchasers.

Yet still Kaine tries to blame loose gun laws for allowing firearm dealers to sell to criminals

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