The crusade of a Democratic superlawyer with multimillion-dollar backing

Some who have worked on voting issues for years are wary of the optics. “I love Marc, but I want to be very clear about who we are and who he represents,” said Sherrilyn Ifill, president and general counsel of the NAACP LDF. “I don’t want what we have been doing for years [protecting minority voting rights] to be dismissed as partisan.”

She adds that as a civil rights lawyer, “I sued plenty of Democrats.”

Elias joined civil rights groups in some cases but said he also filed lawsuits in places where a favorable ruling will help the Democratic Party.

“We’re challenging the laws in the states in which we have the greatest concern,” he said. “Regardless of who the plaintiff is, protecting civil rights ought to be something that we all strive to do.”

Elias said he understands that civil rights groups fear that his involvement hinders their hope for bipartisan support for voting rights — for instance, strengthening the Voting Rights Act.

But he notes it has been three years since the Supreme Court struck down a key part of the law that required some states, mainly in the South, to get federal approval for changes to voting laws to make sure they did not harm minority voters. Republican leaders in Congress have done nothing to come up with standards that could lead to renewed federal oversight, he said.

“The way to reauthorize the Voting Rights Act is to make Nancy Pelosi the speaker of the House and Chuck Schumer the [Senate] majority leader and put Hillary Clinton in the White House,” he said.

Even if anyone tried, there would be no way to separate Elias the voting rights lawyer from Elias the political lawyer. Asked about the clients he and his colleagues at the law firm of Perkins Coie represent, Elias replies: “We represent the DNC, the DSCC, the DCCC, the DGA, the DLCC, House Majority PAC, Senate Majority PAC, Priorities USA, Emily’s List, 40-plus Democratic senators, 100-plus Democratic House members.”

Translation in outside-the-Beltway English: the national Democratic Party, its governors, almost all of its members of Congress and its campaign and fundraising apparatus. And its presidential nominee.

Source: The crusade of a Democratic superlawyer with multimillion-dollar backing – The Washington Post

If you can’t win on virtue, call everything racist and sue to have it overturned. Because after all, minority groups can get ID for Obamacare, but not to vote, right?

Seriously… someone needs to counter this stuff. Sue to disband Obamacare on the basis of being racist because it requires ID to obtain. Sue the DNC for being racist by requiring ID to enter the convention. Hell, come to NC and sue my county for over developing the two towns most of the people are moving to from out of state for work, because they are forcing one political demographic into a condensed area, which effects elections and forces the rest of the state to pay for those decisions (the decisions of people moving here from states where liberal policies forced the businesses to move out, they followed their jobs here, and are now trying to force those same liberal policies on us, even as the businesses are starting to move out again… and then blame men not being able to use the ladies’ room for it).



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