Hillary and Her Medical Records

Source: You Need To Hear This Take On Hillary’s Medical Status… – Chicks On The Right

This is interesting, but I’m not sure what to make of this. I don’t have any experience in the medical field, so I personally can’t make a judgement on her health or her healthcare. I know there have been some videos coming out about her having a seizure in front of the media that, when you watch the video, is obviously not her having a seizure, but rather mocking the press.

For this reason, I do beg all of you to do your own research about Hillary’s health and the care she may or may not be receiving. I’m not saying the above video is BS, but I can’t say it is correct, either. I do know there are a lot of very conspiracy theory like stories hitting the interwebs about her health, and you know how I feel about that kind of thing… it does nothing to further our cause or help get an acceptable candidate elected.

Neither candidate is exactly young and spry. You could make the argument that Trump is susceptible to skin cancer while in office since he tans. Now, I don’t know if he uses actual tanning beds or if that orange sheen is a spray on tan (and we can hope and pray he’s not sprawled out on a beach in a thong). He could be susceptible to hypertension as well. But this health issue thing could go two ways.

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If you continue to Google this, your head will spin, but it is worth doing. Some reports say she is in excellent health, others say she has had some life threatening issues.

Now, also consider this…

All the mainstream media reports are showing she is in excellent health. Hillary’s website has a huge headline about her releasing her tax statements and health records while Trump does not. I just went to Hillary’s website. Her page links to many years of tax records… and a physicians letter (PDF warning), not her actual records. You can check that out for yourself at Hillary’s official campaign website. And keep in the back of your mind while going through Google that the mainstream media is being very obvious in their bias this go around, and a lot of the same links show up for pages and pages on Google, a site already talked about for how they can sway opinion. I went about nine pages in with headlines from mainstream media on how her health is excellent and her records that were leaked were only slightly true. The above video was also prevalent, but didn’t appear to have anything backing it up.

I’m not trying to sway you one way or the other. I have no idea how healthy or unhealthy either of the candidates are, and I won’t pretend that I do. For all I know, Hillary could have taken gold in something at the Olympics if it wasn’t an election year. But what I hope I did was convince you to not just take the MSM – or me – at their word and do your own research… I just started it for you.




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