Trump in the Flood Zone

Look. We know, it’s to look good for the cameras while trying to get elected. But Obama is currently golfing. Most of the time, folks go down and just look around. The work Trump and Pence are doing in the video isn’t messy or hard work, and they didn’t do it for long. But they aren’t walking around looking with that no lips face…


Ya know… the same face they all give when “upset” by something like this or when they got caught in a sex scandal.

They aren’t laying flowers at a sight they want to use for political gain, feigning outrage and sadness in defense of their agenda.


And back during Katrina, the media went insane that Bush did a fly over.

Obama is currently golfing. As stated. No outrage.

If the media even shows the above video, they will make sure to let you know Trump is pandering. We know he is. But the outrage should have an even line, and it doesn’t. Hillary at Pulse was heartfelt according to them. Trump in Louisiana is just pandering. Because the media isn’t biased.

So there you go.


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