EPA Going After Trucks Due to Climate Change – But There’s a Catch!

The Environmental Protection Agency is issuing new regulations on tractor trailers and their emissions starting in 2018. The new regulations will affect work trucks, vans, and semi-trucks on the roadway. Since “climate change” is really nothing more than a scam to control people, and to steal their money, this kind of regulation should come as no surprise.

But what’s even more disturbing about this new economic stranglehold is the fact that truck companies can pay to exempt themselves from the new regulations.

The Obama administration is allowing trucking companies to buy their way out of a strict set of environmental regulations heaped on the trucking industry.

Tucked deep inside the rulebook are a series of complicated stipulations allowing the U.S.’ trucking companies to pay fines if they are unable to comply with the regulators’ increasingly complicated rules.

The new standards will affect engine performance standards for truck model years 2018-2027, and for semi-trucks, large pickup trucks, vans, and all types and sizes of buses and work trucks.

Full article: EPA Going After Trucks Due to Climate Change | The Federalist Papers

So, basically, this whole global warming thing is really important to our government… unless they can get money. If you can pay them, screw the environment. This is, actually, typical.




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