What should you do if protestors surround your car?

Source: What should you do if protestors surround your car? – Personal Liberty®

It really is a sad day to realize this article is useful information to have. With protests more likely to become violent than not, you need to know your rights and information to keep yourself and your family safe.

I read over the article and it is pretty good information. I can add this, for what it’s worth: when I worked for the armored car companies, they actually had how to handle street protests (that they assume are becoming or have become a riot, which, regardless of what the lefties say, many of these “protests” are riots) in the manual. A lot of it was job specific since a giant money truck would be an obvious target in most of these protests. But we were told specifically to keep rolling. You can’t always hit the gas, obviously, because you don’t want to kill anyone or be charged with something you didn’t intend. But if you keep the wheels rolling, it makes it harder for them to turn over your vehicle. Obviously, that was a threat with armored cars since they are top heavy. But it works in a car, too. If you keep rolling, they can’t grip enough to overturn the vehicle.

Your best bet, though, is to keep your eyes open. Rarely are these things a surprise. If a cop so much as pulls out his gun to clean it, you can expect a riot. So avoid places where they are saying they are going to “protest,” and avoid any places that were in the news within the last 36 hours, because something may go down. Just stay away from areas where “protests” are likely.



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