Anti-Gun Professor Files Lawsuit to Block Guns on Campus. Judge Just Issued Ruling

Three University of Texas at Austin professors sued the state’s fl

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agship university in an attempt to keep law-abiding citizens from carrying guns in their classroom. And now, just as the fall semester gets underway, they’ve officially lost their lawsuit.

“I am pleased, but not surprised, that the Court denied the request to block Texas’ campus carry law,” Attorney General Ken Paxton said. “There is simply no legal justification to deny licensed, law-abiding citizens on campus the same measure of personal protection they are entitled to elsewhere in Texas.”

“The right to keep and bear arms,” he continued, “is guaranteed for all Americans, including college students, and I will always stand ready to protect that right.”

Campus carry is now in effect. Those licensed to carry concealed weapons may carry them to class. Professors can’t stop them. There are places on campus where carry is still prohibited, and the university has posted appropriate signage.

Source: Anti-Gun Professor Files Lawsuit to Block Guns on Campus. Judge Just Issued Ruling



3 responses to “Anti-Gun Professor Files Lawsuit to Block Guns on Campus. Judge Just Issued Ruling

  1. You know as a Texan I am proud that the Campus Carry Law passed and is being legally protected as LAW.. but as a Parent I am sickened by the actions of two so-called “educators” who are there to teach, influence and PROTECT our children. These two morons represent the clueless sheeple who would rather see innocent people die versus defend themselves. Let them get back to me after one of these brave ARMED kids saves lives that maybe one of their own one day!

    Also, let me tell everybody out there something so there is no confusion. Austin as a whole is a great City, but it is one of the few big cities in Texas that has it’s fair share of spineless, grass eating dirty hipppie lib-tards. please don’t let the actions of these 2 morons stain your impression of our Great State!

    Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!!

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    • I love me some Texas and wish I could stand the weather enough to move there. With big cities, though, come liberals because they need to be tightly together with every convenience handed to them because it makes that herd mentality easier. They cannot understand people who want to be responsible for themselves.