Condi Rice Denies Having Email Conversation with Hillary

KPMG Women's PGA Championship - Preview Day 3In another blow to Hillary Clinton and her email scandal, former Secretary of State Condolezza Rice said she does not remember speaking to Clinton in 2009 about the subject, a claim Clinton reportedly made to the FBI.

“Dr. Rice isn’t doing any media right now. I can tell you though that she has no recollection of that conversation either,” Georgia Godfrey, Rice’s chief of staff at Stanford University, told The Daily Caller.

Clinton said the conversation occurred in 2009 and it involved Clinton telling Rice that former Secretary of State Colin Powell advised her to use a private email address while she worked at the state department.

Source: Daily Caller: Condi Rice Denies Having Email Conversation with Hillary

OK, a couple of things.

  1. You screwed up. Own it. Do we really need a president who makes a mistake and then spends a large portion of time trying to blame someone else? Just own it. We just got through seven and a half years of Obama blaming Bush for everything. Get over it. Take some responsibility for your own actions if you want to convince anyone you are president material.
  2. It wasn’t just a private email address… it was an actual server! And to make matters worse, the server wasn’t stored on Mrs. Clinton’s property or government property. It was stored by an off site mom and pop business.
  3. She has now blamed her stupid mistake on two black people that weren’t part of the case. When does this become racist? Anyone?




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