Pelosi says Clinton will shape Supreme Court, immigration, gun control

“We know what is on the line in what truly is the most important election of our lifetime: for the future of the Supreme Court, for the fate of a planet imperiled by climate change, for the sake of immigration reform, for the promise of an America that rewards hard work instead of those who exploit America’s workers, for women’s reproductive rights, equal rights, civil rights, and to do what is right for our service members, veterans and military families who have given so much for our country,” said Pelosi.

Full article: Pelosi says Clinton will shape Supreme Court, immigration, gun control | Washington Examiner

Yeah, the thing is… she isn’t going to do any of that, Nancy. None of your ilk ever does. Actually, no politician ever does. It isn’t what is best for the people… it’s what you can convince them of to keep your sorry butts in power. And as far as shaping the Supreme Court… may God have mercy on us all! We don’t need “living document” folks in there who think the Constitution means whatever they want it to. It says what it says. Period.

I want freedom, Nancy. Not handouts and BS.

And for crap’s sake, do something about your makeup!



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