California State University to Introduce Segregated Housing for Black Students

martin-luther-king-jrCalifornia State University has announced that it will provide segregated housing for the university’s black students in an attempt to provide them with a “safe space.”

Black students will have the option to move into a residential complex solely for African-Americans. The decision to provide segregated accommodations comes just nine months after the university’s Black Student Union presented a list of demands to the university’s authorities to challenge what they perceived as endemic racial discrimination.

Their demands included a “$30 million endowment to support black students financially,” an anti-discrimination policy combined with “cultural competency training,” compulsory “ethnic studies courses” for first and year second year students, as well as segregated housing for black students.

Source: California State University to Introduce Segregated Housing for Black Students – Breitbart

So let me get this straight. After everything your ancestors did to do away with segregation, you are fighting to put it back in place? Do you understand even slightly what your ancestors had to put up with while fighting for your rights as American citizens and human beings? People were beaten. People lost everything. People watched their families die. People were killed. So you could live in this country as free people and carry on your lives as actual members of society, equally?

And you are slapping them in the faces by fighting to have segregation put back in place. Good job. Please wear shirts or hats saying so, because I don’t want to associate myself with people like you for even a moment.


2 responses to “California State University to Introduce Segregated Housing for Black Students

  1. As I have always said, Affirmative Action was 3 steps backwards for folks who are “Other than White”, now we are seeing the ultimate fruit of it. I say let them reap the whirlwind they have helped create and foster that last 30 years.