Of All the Things to Get Offended By…

A friend on Facebook shared this with me and I had to pass it on. So many people argue with me about media manipulation. Check this out, these are cuts from this blog’s Facebook page where I shared it:


So what are they hiding?


I just made this big long post about teaching your kids about 9/11 and why it is important. I get this shortly after.

This. This is the exact problem. I have, regularly, soft core porn coming across my news feed because I have some people I grew up with who have decided that if something turns them on they need to tell everyone about it. Not once has that garbage been hidden away by Facebook for mature content. But show us an image of something significant that happened to our country and dramatically changed our way of life? Something I was forced by a group of terrorists to watch from my very own front porch in real time? Let’s hide that away. Here, look at this picture of a man in a crotch bag.


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    So you Still want to use and support Facebook? Wake Up folks…every day you are a member you are helping Zuckerberg and his liberal army of cyber goons aid the Govt. in suppressing/destroying your First, Second and Fourth Amendment Rights, or what is left of them anyway. Wake Up.


  2. Just another reason why I don’t use and/or support any social media sites. The other reason they are all just tools for Big Brother, and as you can see, they both have a lot in common: Suppressing your First, Second and Fourth Amendment Rights are just the beginning my friends. But I have warned you all before.

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