Mass. AG Uses Consumer Protection Law to Attack Glock, Remington

Hey! Hey! Look at me! I’m wasting a ton of taxpayer money to lie to you and make you think I give a crap about your safety or that this will do anything at all to keep you safe!

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey is facing legal action because of her use of the state’s consumer protection law to demand internal records from several large firearms manufacturers.

Court documents show that Healey is seeking a number of different documents from the targeted companies. Though Healey’s office says the investigation is “narrowly tailored,” it is trying to obtain company documentation on manufacturing standards, marketing practices, and safety-related complaints from consumers across the country.

Manufacturers Glock and Remington have filed suit in Suffolk Superior Court against Healey claiming that her efforts are overly broad and politically motivated, the Boston Globe reported. In their filing with the court, Glock said Healey’s true intention is to “harass an industry that the attorney general finds distasteful and to make political headlines by pursing members of the firearm industry.”

Glock said the sale of their firearms to the public is prohibited in Massachusetts. Only law enforcement are able to purchase the company’s handguns. In a counter filing, Healey said the investigation “is not motivated, as Glock complains, by animus toward Glock or more broadly, by animus toward guns” and the fact that Glock doesn’t sell firearms in the state doesn’t matter because their firearms are available from third parties on the second-hand market.

The attorney general said that even if consumers are purchasing their Glocks illegally, the state still has a responsibility to protect these potentially criminal consumers from faulty firearms. “Irrespective of whether the sales were made legally or not, there are a large number of Glock guns in the hands of Massachusetts consumers,” Healey’s filing said.

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