Butt-Hurt Tourists Cut Vacations Short Over Pro-Gun Sign In Maine

Delicate yachting aficionados to a small tourist town in coastal Maine are getting the vapors and taking to their fainting couches because local resident Linc Sample dared to stand up for our right to bear arms by putting a sign in his yard challenging gun control fetishests obsession with AR-15-style rifles.

A pro-gun protest sign that stole a slogan from a civil rights activist group is drawing complaints from tourists visiting the tiny Maine town.

Linc Sample proudly erected a “Black Rifles Matter” sign on his property in Boothbay Harbor to speak out against calls to ban assault rifles.

The riff on the Black Lives Matter movement — which protests police brutality, and especially police shootings, against black people — was deliberate, he told NENC.

“They’re being targeted because of their appearance, fair enough. So is my rifle,” he said. “If anything, they should be flattered I used the phrase.”

Amusingly, while the town is aware that some effete gun control-supporting tourists hate Mr. Sample’s sign and have left town in a huff as a result of it, they stand 100% behind his right to use his First Amendment rights to display his support of our Second Amendment rights, and are not asking him to take his sign down.

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Wow. This takes useless pansies to a whole new level, doesn’t it?



One response to “Butt-Hurt Tourists Cut Vacations Short Over Pro-Gun Sign In Maine

  1. Ohhhh..Did the little weak liberal baby get offended?

    Too Friggin bad. Grow up you spineless hacks

    How about I throw some of your lib-tard twisted logic right back at you:

    Black Rifles do Matter and it OFFENDS ME that you are OFFENDED by me standing up for my rights, therefore YOU are a RACIST for being Offended.

    The above sentence sound crazy?

    That’s because it is..completely OFF THE RESERVATION LOONY TUNES, but guess what folks, this is the logic of the Spineless Liberal Left in this country right now trying to disarm and neuter us.

    Stand Up For Your Rights Now.

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