When Hillary Clinton says not supporting her is ‘deplorable,’ she means it

After public outrage erupted over the former first lady’s insult, she sort of apologized, saying: “Last night I was ‘grossly generalistic,’ and that’s never a good idea. I regret saying ‘half’—that was wrong.”

Not, “I shouldn’t call people with different views ‘deplorable.’”

Not,“I shouldn’t suggest that the only reason a person could support Trump is because they’re a bigot.”

Just, “I regret saying ‘half.’”

Maybe she regrets saying “half” because she meant to say “all,” as in, “If you’re so brazen as to publically oppose me, your rightful queen, you are a deplorable human being.”

Rather than blame the failures of big government to show Americans that it can help them on American “bitterness” toward federal ideals, Clinton simply calls anyone who disbelieves her ability to run the country effectively “deplorable.”

“Deplorable,” by the way, is defined by Webster as “deserving censure or contempt.”

That suggests that she’s completely fine with the idea of installing tyrannical government and dealing with the detractors later. And she has a blueprint. We all saw what outright opposition to big government meddling gets you during the first Clinton administrations.

Where Obama failed to gain the respect of his subordinates, international colleagues and citizens, Clinton will take by force wherever she can. If you don’t think she will, just take a look at her rise up the political ladder and her handling of international detractors at State.

Full article: When Hillary Clinton says not supporting her is ‘deplorable,’ she means it – Personal Liberty®

It’s sort of like Obama and his bitter clingers. If you don’t agree with them 100% on everything, well… you don’t matter to them, to put it nicely.



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