Here’s How Much The Clinton Foundation ACTUALLY Gave To Charity In 2014

We know that over half of Hillary Clinton’s meetings during her tenure as secretary of state (85 of 154 people) were with individuals who either donated to her slush fund or pledged to support one of its international programs. We know the Clinton Foundation accepted donations from sketchy foreign entities. We know half of the staffers paid under the GSA program also worked for the Clinton Foundation. We know Hillary’s former chief of staff at the State Department, Cheryl Mills, also worked for the Clinton Foundation while working for the State. We know the Clinton Foundation spent 10 percent of its budget on charitable grants in 2013.

The Clinton Foundation claims that “88% of our expenditures go directly to our life-changing work,” but one has to wonder. How does spending $8.5 million (or 10% of the budget) on travel– plane tickets, hotel accommodations, etc.– change lives? Heck, $4.8 million (or 5.6 percent) of the 2013 budget went toward office supplies. Dead serious. Blank paper and staplers are pricey, I guess. Call it “overhead” all you want, but it’s absurd. Just take a deeper look.

In 2014, only 5.7% of the Clinton Foundation’s budget went to charitable grants. Everything else covered staff salaries, travel and other benefits.

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