Five MAJOR Companies Announce They’re Leaving America…

From Fox Business:

1. Fiat Chrysler: Beginning in 2017: Fiat Chrysler will drive into Mexico and Canada completely withdrawing all car manufacturing from the United States.

2. Nabisco: The maker of Oreos, Chips Ahoy, and Nilla Wafers invested $130 million in a production plant in Mexico back in March, 2016. In the process, the company laid off 600 workers at its Chicago plant.

3. Burger King: The Whopper has a new home. Burger King moved its headquarters to Canada by merging with the Canadian company Tim Horton’s Inc. back in August, 2014.

4. United Technologies Electronic Controls (UTEC): UTEC makes products for the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry, and will be closing its plants in Indiana in order to move to Mexico. The company will lay off 700 people by 2018.

5. Carrier: The air conditioning manufacturer is getting some fresh air in Mexico, leaving its Indiana base behind. The company will lay off 1,400 workers across Indiana, and will record a total loss of 2,700 jobs overall in the state.

Source: Five MAJOR Companies Announce They’re Leaving America…



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  1. Another stellar job, Barry! You jackasses be sure to vote DEMONratic. Who needs jobs for Americans when we have illegal aliens and Muslim refugees to steal what’s left?–that is for those that are not on the Government dole or involved in crime or both. Welcome to the former USA, the once-great land of opportunity for her citizens who had ethics and/or morals.