Time Magazine Puts Colin Kaepernick on Its Cover

Time Magazine Puts Colin Kaepernick on Its Cover

Source: Time Magazine Puts Colin Kaepernick on Its Cover – Breitbart

I’m sorry, I think this whole thing is funny. Why, might you ask? Because I don’t even follow football, and yet I still know what this guy is actually doing and the media and lefties don’t.

He was about to get cut from the team right before all this crap started. He was going to be losing a lot of money because he sucks at the game and was about to lose it all. Suddenly, he’s a social justice warrior. If the team cuts him now, everyone is going to yell that he was cut for protesting and that the team – and possibly the NFL – are all racists.

Now he’s not only never going to be cut, but he’s a household name. This almost guarantees that when his contract runs out on it’s own, if he wants to stay in the NFL, he will get a new contract. He may even be able to pick whatever team he wants to play on.

This is the last time I am going to mention this man, unless he does something really news worthy. He’s another oppressed multi-millionaire with opportunities and a lifestyle that 99.999999% of people on this planet will never obtain. And his “protest” is a total sham.



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