FBI Director Comey Should Resign

BizPac Review is reporting:

Matthew Whittaker, another former federal attorney, told The Daily Caller News Foundation that Congress should know why the Clinton aides were “treated differently than any other investigation has ever been done.”

Mills got the immunity deal after refusing to let investigators examiner her computer, according to the Associated Press, which first reported on Friday the multiple agreements shielding key figures in the Clinton emails scandal from prosecution.

“This now gets to the point of a serious question as to the director’s fitness for office,” DiGenova told The CNF. He said a grand jury should have been convened and they should have issued a subpoena for Mills’ computer.

[…] DiGenova called for Congress to hold hearings with Comey testifying under oath and to consider sanctions such as censorship or impeachment. Such a hearing is scheduled for Sept. 28, 2016, before the House Judiciary Committee.

Comey ought to answer for the embarrassing number of immunities granted during the investigations.  Steps were taken to ensure an outcome which simultaneously allowed that Hillary Clinton was responsible for wrongdoing while also leaving her actions without consequence.

For that Comey failed to do a job he no longer deserves.

Source: FBI Director Comey Should Resign | The Federalist Papers



2 responses to “FBI Director Comey Should Resign

  1. Got a better ideal: And I Have been saying this for a while:

    The FBI (as well as the ATF, IRS, and DEA) should be done away with, they are USELESS GOVT. MONEY PITS and besides that are nothing but puppets for the Executive branch to bark orders at. Besides that, Plus, they refuse to put politicians in jail, especially former first ladies, who are obviously guilty.

    The FBI DOES NOT “protect” us from terrorist, we need a dedicated group of Counter-Terror goons for that..every other country has one, why not America?

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