Both Trump and Clinton want your guns

We have long known that Hillary Clinton wanted to “take it away.” She has been unapologetic in her decades-long quest to disarm America. She said earlier this year she supported an Australia-style gun confiscation program. She supports a ban on so-called “assault weapons,” which is a nebulous and meaningless term in reality. It’s a code word applied to a class of weapons that simply look and function a certain way.

She couches it in the code words “common sense,” but what she means by that is that idiot politicians and pointy-headed cubicle dwellers who know nothing about guns and likely never even handled one will determine what type of guns are acceptable (which eventually means none) and which aren’t (right now those that are black and “scary-looking” and have big 30-round “clips”).

Once one excuse to steal people’s guns  – no matter how specious – becomes “common sense,” then the next excuse and the next excuse and the next excuse all seem more reasonable and eventually become “common sense.” It’s called gradualism and it is step one in the progressive playbook.

As with all totalitarians, if the Witch from Chappaqua has her way, only her bodyguards and those of her elite establishment pals would have guns. That’s because their safety and their “rights” trump those of the hoi polloi.

Last week Trump revealed that either he has no concept of liberty and is no protector of the 2nd Amendment (or many others, for that matter), or he is in fact a shadow totalitarian gun grabber. This became evident when he came out in support of “stop and frisk,” a policy made famous by the statist Republican Mayor Rudolph Giuliani of New York in which police randomly snag people walking by and shake them down on a whim.

During last night’s presidential debate, Trump doubled down on his call for stop and frisk. Then he expanded on his planned assault on liberty claiming that those on the “no-fly” list should be prohibited from buying guns.

Both of these polices are anti-liberty and direct assaults on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Amendments.

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This really is one of the worst election years in my life time. While I feel my choices are Trump or don’t vote (and I’ve never missed an election for anything), I do still sit back and think… we’re screwed either way this election goes. And I know that won’t buy me any friends, because Trump has some hardcore supporters, as does Hillary. But I still don’t trust Trump. I think he’s the lesser evil over Hillary. I’m not voting for the Green Party ever. And the Libertarian selection this year leaves a lot to be desired… since they apparently aren’t too keen on guns, either, and want to open up the borders. But this entire election cycle leaves you with a feeling of dread,  a feeling that either candidate who wins won’t positively answer the question, “Did America win tonight?” Let’s just keep praying.



4 responses to “Both Trump and Clinton want your guns

  1. I am near a hardcore Trump supporter, totally hardcore #NEVERHILLARY voter that also has never missed a vote, except for the primary in 2012 due to my bypass surgery. And I have rued that day since.

    Trump offers hope where Hillary offers TYRANNY! Remember Odumbass is not out of the WH yet. He is making noise that he will take over the election this fall and negate the vote if Trump wins. Blaming Russia for tampering with our elections. There are at least 18 states that have requested assistance this fall with their state elections.

    May as well invite the UN in to sanction our election.
    (Just like any other 3rd World country!)


    • To be fair, I’m not a hardcore supporter of any politician or hopeful politician. I’m just not. Am I going to vote for Trump? Most likely. I’m at about 95% at this point. Am I going to get into fights over him? Certainly not. Do I roll my eyes when his ads come on TV? Yes, just like every other political ad. Do I trust him completely? Not at all.


  2. Trump wants to take guns from Criminals, thus the stop and frisk which took New York violent crimes by 80% I thought the law WANTED to take guns from criminals? Should people who shouldn’t have a gun be protected? Again, that’s what I thought people wanted.

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  3. It is the essence of Politics when you think about it….

    It is obvious that TRUMP is to the majority of White People what Obama was to the majority of black people 8 years ago; remember that?

    HOPE, CHANGE and YES WE Can were Obama’s key slogans and now look where we are at:

    HOPE has turned into Collaboration with TERRORIST and LEAVING AMERICANS TO DIE IN LIBYA

    CHANGE has turned into RACE riots and supporting DOMESTIC TERROR GROUPS like the BLM

    YES WE CAN has turned into an all out Ass-kissing Marathon with the United Nations where the New World Order is closer to becoming a reality than at any other time in history.

    So having seen all of this with our eyes wide open, what can we expect if Trump is elected? or Hillary?

    The essence of Politics (which is SELF-INTEREST) answers that or you:


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